Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is a treatment used to save a tooth that has become infected due to a deep cavity or a cracked tooth. When Dr. Gabriel determines that Root Canal Therapy is warranted he has determined that this is the only way to save the tooth. When Root Canal Therapy is indicated and is not performed serious infection can build and spread to other teeth, the jaw, and throughout the body. Antibiotics will not permanently remove the infection from the tooth if Root Canal Therapy isn’t pursued. The only alternative may be extracting the tooth.


How it’s done

Dr. Gabriel will use a topical anesthetic on the gum before injecting anesthetic to numb the area where he plans to work.

Once the patient is numb, Dr. Gabriel will use the hand piece (drill) and the correct bur size to remove part of the central occlusal surface of the tooth crown (where you bite) and open the pulp chamber of the tooth.

Dr. Gabriel will remove the pulp and remove the nerve from each canal. At this point, he normally inserts a small cotton ball with a disinfecting medication and a temporary filling. Your appointment will end by scheduling a planned return appointment to complete the Root Canal Therapy in ten(10) days to two(2) weeks.

At your return visit, Dr. Gabriel will again anesthetize the area around the tooth receiving Root Canal Therapy and remove the temporary filling material.

Dr. Gabriel will clean out the pulp chamber and each canal in the tooth. Using Endodontic file, Dr. Gabriel will measure the length of each canal and place permanent filling material into each one. A temporary filling material will be used to close the tooth until your next visit.

At your follow-up appointment, Dr. Gabriel will either fill the tooth or prepare the tooth for a crown, depending on which is indicated.

Root Canal Therapy has a high rate of success and many teeth saved by the procedure will last a lifetime. Additionally, the crown or filling finishing the Root Canal Therapy will render this restoration undetectable to others.

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